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ESUG Day 4

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This day started with some stress, Nicolas and I whipped up the last details of our co-presentation on Jtalk (Nicolas decided to skip Iliad) - and my Eris demo suddenly got b0rken. But I managed to fix it and our presentation was very well received - it was great fun!

Nicolas managed to do quite a few “on the fly” demonstrations of various Jtalk snippets etc, and running the slides in Jtalk was of course a killer thing. I explained how jtalkc is being run on top of Node.js and quickly proceeded into showing the TrivialServer demo in - when Apache benchmark showed 1800 requests/second there was a spontaneous applause. :)

Now we can relax and talk to all people about Jtalk - and now in fact the web panel starts with Nicolas on the panel. Unfortunately the panel discussion didn’t play out that well, it needs some entertainment and also at least one or two that disagree :)

Later tonight and tomorrow we will probably keep on hacking Jtalk like mad. So much fun stuff to play with! We intend to “finish” the first stab at so called “speculative inviting” that we started earlier this week, and try to do some profiling on it to verify the gains. Using the Compiler is actually a good candidate for a reasonable benchmark.

The evening ended with the usual pubs and hacking and chatting about cool things people are doing.