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Preaching Smalltalk Inside a Nuclear Reactor

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…is what I did yesterday. It was the Stockholm GTUG group having a loose and laid back meetup in a rather special venue - R1, Sweden’s first nuclear reactor)! 27 meters below ground, kinda… funky.

Anyway, I tried doing an ultra compact version of several of my other presentations around Smalltalk and Seaside - didn’t really go 100% since I both had some technical issues (keyboard problems and projector issues too) and ended up taking more time than was planned. Hopefully noone got upset about that.

In about 60 minutes I taught the whole language in 5 slides (the language is very small from a semantic and grammatic view), a bit of the amazing history behind Smalltalk, some of the traditional tools in a classic Smalltalk environment - and finally, a quick whipup of a Todolist app in Seaside, including support for the back button! I used Squeak and Pharo and I hope I get to do a similar presentation some other time - then I will polish it and try to keep the “blitz” tempo. Shock and awe. :)

I think the audience appreciated it (always hard to tell), would have been nice to show more of course - I could easily spend a whole day teaching Smalltalk and various mind blowing aspects around the environment, the language, cool libraries and techniques - and of course Seaside.

Then I spent some time chatting with my friend Mikael Kindborg (also a Smalltalker at heart) and a couple of his colleagues from Mosync who were actually sponsoring the event with beer, wine and sandwiches. It was a nice evening and it’s always fun to show Smalltalk to people who have never seen it.