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Skype Interview With Dan Ingalls

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Before the summer I had the opportunity to do a Skype interview with Dan Ingalls, the “Guido/Larry/Linus” of Smalltalk.

The interview was part of a guest lecture I did at DSV for the DYPL course (dynamic programming languages) held by Beatrice Akerblom. In the end I only used a smaller quote because most of the topics in the interview ended up being more interesting to “true believers” than to Smalltalk newcomers.

I admit to not having planned the interview in perfect detail so rather quickly it degenerated into an informal discussion, with my daughter interrupting at random places. :) So I did some “post production work” and edited it into approximately 22 minutes of Q&A. For technical woes, see my earlier post.

Since the ESUG 2010 soon is here (can’t attend unfortunately) this is my small contribution, enjoy (10Mb).

regards, Goran