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ESUG in Annecy Day 3

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Day three blurred a bit for me - lots of mingling and hacking intermixed with some nice presentations, but I missed quite a lot, I admit, like the presentation on new native UI stuff in VisualWorks and the tODE stuff from Dale Henrichs.

ESUG in Annecy Day 1

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Here we go! Time for a week of Smalltalking fun in IAE Universite Savoie Mont-Blanc in Annecy.

While ESUG this year is not super big, I think around 110 people or so, there were still quite a few arms raised when checking how many were here for the first time. The organisation seems impeccable, as always - thank you Stéphane Ducasse, Herve Verjus, Laurent Laffont and of course all volunteers!

Enough chit-chat, let’s get on with the talks…

New Languages After 2000

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I am sitting in a gate on an airport waiting to go to ESUG so I felt I should finally get this article out the door. In a presentation earlier this year I asked what has happened in the programming language area since year 2000? Not much I felt and I couldn’t really name any interesting new language when thinking about it. But then I decided to look more closely and I can conclude I was at least partly wrong :)

So prepare for a long (too long) article digging through a whole bunch of languages trying to come up with the answer - Have any interesting programming languages appeared since year 2000?

(And at the end, how is the Smalltalk community doing?)

RethinkDB - Yet Another NoSQL?

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15-18 years ago my passion was in OODBs. As a Smalltalker GemStone was one of the most fascinating to work with, but as we all know OODBs never got really popular, despite their fantastic qualities. But the new NoSQL databases in many respects offer OODB-ish characteristics, although they of course also bring a whole new menu to the table.

In my eternal quest for “database bliss” my next stop is RethinkDB, but let me tell you how I got here.