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Dyncon 2011, Day 1

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In place at Dyncon 2011 at Bwin/Ongame in Stockholm. Quite a nice crowd and the day was started with Joe Armstrong presenting Erlang. I had never seen Joe speak before and it was a fun and interesting presentation, although of course only “skimming” some areas. I found it fun that he referenced Alan Kay where he stressed that “it’s the messages”, given his earlier harsh view on OO. I couldn’t help starting to think about how some of Erlang’s concepts could easily be implemented in Smalltalk and what that could give.

Next up was Yehuda Katz presenting Sproutcore. An “all” javascript framework to build “rich” client apps in the browser. Hmmm… there are so many of these now. Claims a proper MVC architecture. But I really don’t want to build my apps in Javascript :). Generating Javascript - yes, writing it - no thanks. And I am really not impressed with frameworks/toolsets that are template oriented with various quirky ways of “binding” stuff together. I have become too spoiled by the HTML DSL approach in Seaside to think template engines are “cool”. Ouch, my eyes hurt!